Before the White Man Came

See her standing
She is alive
A gatherer in the wild woods
The keeper of the hearth

See her singing
She is alive
Sage and rosemary nesting in her hair
A fragrance in the wind

See her dancing
She is alive
The nurturer of her people
A cultivator of the earth

See her praying
She is alive
Earth mother sculpted
A portent of all that is good

Before the white man came.


Historical Truth – The Effect of Genocide

There is a great need in America today to recognize a historical truth – a need to understand how the accepted doctrine of “Manifest Destiny” spurred ruthless whites, military commanders and government leaders to kill thousands of innocent Native American men, women and children in order to obtain profit (gold) and choice Indian lands for resale or settlement.  History reveals how the first white Americans, the Puritans, began a program of complete extermination of all Indians from the day they landed on Plymouth Rock, and how the policies of so-called great leaders like Andrew Jackson, and the writings of Benjamin Franklin aided and abetted the cause of genocide.

As a result of the mass killings and enslavement of Native and African Americans, bigotry and racial discrimination have taken a foothold in the American genetic memory and culture.  Our leaders (and many citizens) no longer have a certain basic sense of proportion, standing aside without protest while the military turns to preemptive war against non-white nations and persons of color.  Witness the disaster of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, where tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children’s lives have been taken as a result of the greed of the oil barons and their corporate friends.

There is a need for Americans to admit this basic truth, to realize where we have gone wrong in the policies of the past and present.  There must be the resolve on the part of concerned citizens to make our leaders return to the principles of justice and fair play.